Corporate Profile Photography: Creating the right image for your business

Corporate Profile Photography: Creating the right image for your business

Corporate Profile Photography

You can’t underestimate the power of strong professional imagery for your business!

Can you picture a magazine without images?  People are very visual creatures; customer engagement is enhanced with pictures.

Profile pictures are important to help other people to identify you.   Another purpose is to help you express yourself… and to help others to develop the right impression of you.

1IMAGE were recently commissioned for a corporate editorial shoot with Nicaise Ishimwe from eFlow for The Review Magazine.  The corporate profile photography used in the article allows the reader to connect with the subject in a positive way.  Her smiling face emanates trustworthiness and confidence.  The natural corporate portrait seen here offers a friendlier view of a business than the posed and formal portraits of the past.

Gemalto Interview Editorial Corporate Profile Photography

Professional imagery for your business is an important investment

The images, which you receive, should be seen as a return on that investment.  These images can be used in a number of different ways in a number of different mediums.  E.g. Press/Media, Company website, LinkedIn profile etc.

Do you need an experienced Corporate Photographer in Dublin?  Let 1IMAGE Photography create Professional images for you and your business.

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Creating Images for Business!

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